The Pendle Parking Brakes

             ST1100                      ST1300


 Fitted in under 20 minutes treat yourself and your bike to this great piece of kit for only £32/£33. Prices include FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE  Please use EBAY to purchase or search on Google for the link.

Why have one?  -
Stop on hill & use Map/SatNav etc with both feet on the floor - no need to stop engine & engage gear.
Rest your right hand whilst waiting on an incline at lights or in a jam .
Fill up with petrol on an incline, easier to use the Parking Brake than putting the bike in gear. Better to have both feet on the ground when fully loaded & there is spilt diesel about.
Parking the bike facing downhill on the side stand or when tying the bike up on a ferry gives added security.
Short stops at places like Toll Booths that are on an incline.
Any brief stop on an incline that requires the free use of both hands.

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Fitting Instructions for -





 For more information please contact -

Tony Worrall
Forest Cottage
Sabden Fold
BB12 9LS

Tel 01282 601921
Mob 07778 264221



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The Brake Parts as Received

              ST1100                                ST1300


   Included with the ST1300 parts (above right) is a drilling kit to produce the Parking Brake Locking hole. See the fitting Instructions on the left for more details.

If you are unsure about drilling the lever, send us your lever and we will produce the hole for you F.O.C.

No drilling is required for the ST1100